Atmospheric CO2

CO2Vking, portable carbon dioxide meter for cavers

The Co2Vking is designed for Cavers !

As one shipped out on the 14th of July, it's got the french colours,
the Belgian Devils red color dominating for the Drasj Nationale belge on the 21th !

CO2Vking was designed for speleologists, as no other commercially available device is adapted to the harsh environment of dust, humidity and mud in caves.
The solid, thick 3d-printed housing is protecting sensors and electronics during exploration or research.

CO2Vking is marking the end of complications by uncompensated metering, energy greedy electrochemical or IR-cells and imperfections due to warm-up.

This new generation of CO2-measurement is temperature, pressure and humidity compensated, thanks to a factory calibrated 0-5% or 0-20% gold plated tuned NDIR CO2-sensor with PTFE filter membrane, which is a long-life, maintenance-free, fast, ultra-low energy and low budget sensor.

The high-definition climatology sensors are measuring temperature, barometric pressure and relative humidity at positive and negative temperatures.

After sliding the protected power-switch, the instrument is operating in fool-proof mode and can be controlled by two membrane push buttons. No need to touch any button at all, as the unit’s large display is alternatively showing battery voltage, temperature, pressure, humidity, gas level and the depth at which the maximum concentration has been found.

At startup and on reset, a full self-test cycle will be performed automatically. Buzzer alarm beeps on startup and to indicate presence of CO2 gas concentrations higher than 0.5%. As the buzzer can be annoying in caves and may be stressing team mates, it can be switched off.

The BMS battery management system takes care of energy by following up the internal lithium-polymer battery voltage, warning the user to charge or switch the pack, or to use an external power bank which can be connected through the hot-swap micro-USB port. This port is also being used to recharge or top up the internal battery.

Specs sheet (EN)   User manual (EN)   Notice d'utilisation (FR)

To achieve great things, two things are needed: a plan, and not quite enough time.
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Project status : release v9-1-73d

Package contents Installation CD Runs on 1x 18650 Lipo 3.7V (positive tip, no flat-top!) charging through mini-USB port Integrated mini-karabiner for caving use

Easy access to on-off slider and mini-USB charging port

USB-charging LED, buzzer slider, on/off switch

Safe access to battery compartiment

Runs on 1x 18650 Lipo 3.7V charging through mini-USB port

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Where possible, instruments, lab equipment, battery chargers and lights are running on green energy. Prototypes are built from biodegradable 3D print filament and materials respecting our planet. We're also trying to avoid needless courier services between their country of production, suppliers w'd like to buy from here in France, and their warehouses... far away!

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