Atmospheric CO2

Lab projects

-- CO2Vking, Portable carbon dioxide meter for cavers -- DuoVking, Portable CO2 & Oxygen meter --

-- Fixed cave climate monitoring apparatus -- Wireless transfer of cave logger data between caves and web servers --

-- Satellite assisted telemetry data transmission -- Waterproof Colinear antenna --

-- FluoVking, fluorimeter for hydrological tracing dye test --

-- Paperless Survey PDA case -- DistoX model 1 holder for calibration cube -- DistoX2 calibration --

-- Caving lamp upgrade -- Diving lamp Accumulator reconditioning --

-- extra: free bonus : BaroVking, Viking Barometer -- River level meter --


To achieve great things, two things are needed: a plan, and not quite enough time.
(Leonard Bernstein)



Responding to various requests by speleologists, these pages are meant to share some technical information about instruments and equipment we have been developing or assembling.

Our main goal is to be independent from large stuctures, thus permitting simple and cheap solutions without the need for long procedures, bureaucracy or huge budgets.

Through a unique partnership between speleologists who are coordinating projects on associative level, our technical and scientific knowledge and expertise are being used to build a network of affordable air-quality monitoring devices within specified conditions. Speleologists are executing the follow-up of the instruments after installation, and collect the data which can't be acquired by traditional wired or wireless communication techniques.



More about the CO2.vKîng project...
Plus sur le projet CO2.vKîng...





Cave climate monitoring station in Aven de la Forestière

Prototype 9.0.4 of Co2vKing, our smallest CO2-meter, waiting for its 3D-printed jacket before its departure underground...

Co2vKing-Alti, prototype for detecting layered CO2-beds in vertical caves.


Where possible, instruments, lab equipment, battery chargers and lights are running on green energy. Prototypes are built from biodegradable 3D print filament and materials respecting our planet. We're using Rohs lead-free solder. We're also trying to avoid needless courier services between suppliers w'd like to buy from here in France and, their warehouses or country of production... far away !

Get your web site running on green energy!

All websites hosted by Speleo.EARTH, Speleo.TV and are placed on servers that solely run on power from wind turbines. This is our contribution to a greener environment.


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